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Professional teeth whitening is one of the many ways to achieve your magical smile makeover. Teeth whitening has gained immense popularity in recent times and has been seen as an effective method in achieving your magical smile makeover. Teeth whitening can be achieved through multiple methods like laser teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, an in-office procedure at a tooth whitening clinic etc. There are many OTC gels and trays that you can buy and use conveniently at home. However, compared to an in-office teeth whitening, the at home processes tends to take longer to produce the desired results. Hydrogen peroxide is the major ingredient in most teeth whitening products. Care needs to be taken to ensure that chemicals do not come in contact with your gums since that can potentially cause irritation. But, when you choose professional teeth whitening, your dentist will ensure the safety of your gums from the chemicals.

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Choosing professional teeth whitening

Different teeth whitening procedures can be adopted depending on individual needs and circumstances. Teeth bleaching and laser teeth whitening are among some of the advanced procedures that your dentist will perform, and there are many over the counter dispensations you can choose.

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Teeth Whitening Cost?

The cost of whitening procedures will vary depending on the type of treatment you require. Your treatment may be more expensive and take longer if your dentist identifies underlying oral health issues that must be addressed beforehand. 

Next Steps
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Your treatment begins by contacting us for a complimentary teeth whitening consultation so that we can learn more about your medical history and current dental condition.

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As part of your teeth whitening consultation, we will review your submission and any photos that you include in order to recommend a custom treatment plan tailored to your needs and finances.

dental treatment plans

Once we agree on your treatment and financing plan, we will schedule your first appointment at the clinic and guide you through the rest of the professional teeth whitening process.


We strive to provide excellence through every single smile and care about the outcome of your treatment. As a Etobicoke Smile Dentist, I want you to leave not only looking great but feeling confident too.

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