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Welcome to the Etobicoke’s Dental Health Clinic. Your local dentist in Etobicoke for that personalised dental treatment where we know each patient by name, and recognizes everyone’s unique lifestyle. This allows us to work with you to determine the best dental treatment option that suits your individual needs and budget.
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Restore your smile with permanent dental solutions. Patients seeking dental Implants in Etobicoke can expect enhanced appearance, boost in confidence and improved dental health following treatment at our Etobicoke dental health clinic. Our dental clinic provides complete in-house dental implant solution.
Address periodontal disease at its roots, without surgery. The advanced laser gum treatment is least invasive, with minimal bleeding, lesser post-op sensitivity  and has a shorter recovery time. Laser dentistry Etobicoke reduces the need use traditional drilling methods and access any part of tooth.
Straighten your smile at any age with a range of orthodontic options. Invisalign braces Etobicoke, clear braces, traditional braces or inside braces. We have all kinds of Orthodontic options to offer at our Etobicoke Dental clinic.
Dental problems and dental emergencies can be very traumatic and painful. Delaying such dental treatments can cause more damage. Emergency dentist Etobicoke with 15+ years of experience to help you in time of need. Contact us for same-day emergency appointments.

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dr savita chaudhry

Patient Care

As a Dentist in Etobicoke Dental Health Clinic I’ve been helping patients of all ages to achieve healthy smiles for more than 15 years. As a practicing dentist and owner of the Etobicoke Dentist Health Clinic, I recognize how important it is for my patients to feel confident in their dental care provider. That’s why my goal is to know each of my patients by name, so I can provide treatment options that cater to everyone’s unique needs and lifestyle.

My Etobicoke dental health clinic will always be outfitted with the latest technology and my team is committed to continuous learning so that my patients have access to even more treatment options. This means I can provide less invasive procedures and offer the most comfortable clinic environment.

I’m fluent in both English and Hindi, and I’m proud to work with a diverse group of colleagues who can communicate with patients in French, Punjabi, Greek, Tagalog, Arabic, Assyrian and Italian.

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Etobicoke Dental health clinic is located in a renovated house in central Etobicoke, where I hope you’ll feel at home. Each of the dentist Etobicoke clinic rooms are equipped with a TV so you can relax during your procedure. Our dentist in Etobicoke also offers protective glasses before your appointment begins and a warm towel afterwards for added comfort. Free parking is available on site.

At Etobicoke Dental Health Clinic, we strive to build trusting relationships with our patients. Our passion is to help people get the smile of their dreams, leaving the clinic with nothing but excitement and positivity!

The treatment plan delivered to patients is tailored to individual needs. With the advancements that currently exist with Etobicoke dental health clinic, our dentist in Etobicoke offers a variety of treatments, including specialized care. Some of the treatment options we have are orthodontics, periodontics, wisdom tooth extraction (with over 25 years of experience), and cosmetic dentistry.

When it comes to our health care services, As a professional dentist in Etobicoke with lots of experience we like to take a more modern approach. On top of being 100% digital, we keep up with technological advancements in dental care to provide top of the line service! One of these advancements is our 3-D scanner, which allows our orthodontists to view three-dimensional images of the patient’s entire skull, jaw, and oral bone structure. This allows for a more accurate viewing of dental problems, which leads to a better-customized diagnosis for individual recommended treatment.

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