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Aesthetics, hygiene and dental care can be a complex part of your overall health, particularly in these pandemic times. But, Dr.Savita Chaudhry and her team are committed to excellence in dental care and we are happy to support you even before your first visit to our dental clinic. A contact form is provided below to help you connect with the members of our team to for a virtual consultation.  During your online dental consultation, you will be speaking to our virtual dentist who will guide you through the process of online invisalign consultation, online dental appointment, online orthodontic consultation, virtual braces consultation, virtual dental implant consultation and so forth. This way, it gets a lot easier to connect with the right member of our team to resolve your dental issues.

Virtual Dentist

Our virtual dentist can also explain the Covid 19 procedure to be followed when you seek an in-person appointment.  The biggest benefit of online dental consultation is that you can safely consult with a virtual dentist from the comfort of your home following all the standard operating procedure laid down by your local authorities to keep you protected from the ongoing pandemic. During the online dental consultation, you are free to use instant messaging, video or voice call depending on your needs. During the online consultation, you will discuss your general medical history, symptoms of dental problems you are facing and potential treatments.  Our virtual dentist will provide diagnosis, offer advice, suggest treatment instructions and prescribe medication where required.

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