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Regular visit to your dentist is one way to prevent dental emergencies. But some emergences happen with little or no notice at all. Whatever may be the dental emergency you are experiencing, it is important that you get competent treatment without loss of time. If you are experiencing bleeding gums, tooth pain or other dental concerns, never hesitate to get in touch with our emergency dentist Woodbridge. When bleeding gums or a tooth that got knocked out is not treated immediately, it can trigger more problems with your mouth needing significant amount of time and money to fix. This is the major you should never wait for a dental appointment when something has unexpectedly happened to your mouth. Our emergency dental clinic can provide same day appointments in many dental emergency situations like toothache emergency, bleeding gums emergency, broken tooth emergency our emergency dentist Woodbridge provides same day appointments.

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We are located in close proximity to Woodbridge (Vaughan). Less than 10Kms away from Woodbridge Dr. Savita Chaudhry’s clinic is a 10Mins drive from Woodbridge.

Located at Islington ave and Albion rd in Etobicoke central, we offer free parking and easy accessibility to those travelling from nearby cities like Woodbridge, Vaughan, and Mississauga, which many of our patients come from. If you have had a dental emergency please contact our Etobicoke dental office right away at 416-651-5151, and we will gladly look at it for free!

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Common dental problems that can lead to a dental emergency
When a tooth is broken or chipped, the first step is to save the broken/chipped tooth and call our office right away. When the whole teeth is available put in a small container adding salt water to it and carry it along to your appointment with the emergency dentist Woodbridge. Since this is a serious dental emergency immediate treatment is essential to prevent infection and replace or repair the damage. When an empty spot is left in your mouth, the surrounding teeth will shift towards the vacant sot and potentially trigger jawbone and gum breakdown in that area
You can lose a crown or filling in the mouth due to normal wear and tear. But, this is not a situation you can ignore and should have it repaired to prevent pain, possible infection and sensitivity. Our emergency dentist Woodbridge can determine the cause of losing the crown or filling, but more commonly, a cavity developing on the same tooth is the trigger. If this happens, the primary measure is to rinse your mouth using warm water, packing the tooth with gauze or cotton and contact our emergency dentist Woodbridge quickly.
Pain in the mouth is not a usual event and is usually an early warning of something wrong. Generally, it is difficult to get to the root of the pain without an in-person examination. In many situations, it can signal tooth decay, gum infection, exposed roots, an abscess, or many other causes. If you are experiencing consistent pain, rinse your mouth using warm water and apply an ice pack to the side of your jaw where the pain is felt. Immediately following this, contact our emergency dentist Woodbridge to diagnose and treat the issue.
Bleeding gums indicate an underlying issue with dental hygiene.  When the bleeding is also accompanied by swelling, redness, and tenderness, it could lead to emergent situation. Our emergency dentist Woodbridge can diagnose to confirm if you are affected by a periodontal disease or gingivitis or periodontitis resulting from improper brushing or excessive plaque. If the bleeding in your gums is persistent, contact our emergency dental services immediately.
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