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While we usually advise our patients to do their best to prevent emergencies through regular dental visits, we understand that emergencies can happen. You may have a dental emergency and need an emergency dentist in Etobicoke to get it treated as soon as possible. When it comes to injuries, tooth pain, or bleeding gums, don’t hesitate to get treatment. At emergency dental clinic Etobicoke, we have staff and facilities to deal with dental emergencies – quickly and effectively. In many urgent situations, emergency dentist Etobicoke provide same-day appointments for dental emergencies. Please contact our emergency dental Etobicoke office right away at 416-651-5151, and we would gladly take a look for free!

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A dental emergency can surface any time at any moment, it’s good to be as prepared as possible for such a situation. Emergency dentist Etobicoke can provide you with immediate and high quality dental care. At our dental clinic you will have access to first-class dental treatments and dental procedures. Top emergency dentist Etobicoke will be at your service in that time of need.

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Dental Emergency Care By Leading Emergency Dentist in Etobicoke

If you can, save the chipped or broken tooth and call my office right away. If you have the entire tooth, place it in a container with salt water and bring it to your appointment. As this is one of the more serious dental emergencies, it requires immediate treatment to prevent infection and repair or replace the damage.

After normal wear and tear, you may lose a filling or crown in your mouth. This isn’t a situation to be ignored, and you should get it repaired right away to prevent pain, sensitivity, and possible infection. As your dentist, I will be able to determine why the filling or crown was lost, but the most common reason is because a new cavity is developing on that same tooth. If this happens to you, rinse your mouth with warm water, pack the tooth with cotton or gauze, and contact us for emergency treatment.

Pain in your mouth is not normal and is usually an early indicator that something is wrong. Unfortunately, pain can be difficult to diagnose without an in-person exam, but it could be a sign of gum infection, tooth decay, an abscess, exposed roots, or a number of other causes. If you’re experiencing pain, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply an ice pack to the side of your jaw where the pain occurs. Then, please contact our office for an appointment so we can diagnose and treat the issue.

Bleeding gums are a sign of an underlying dental hygiene issue. An emergent issue could arise if the bleeding is accompanied by redness, swelling, and tenderness. These can signal a more significant issue such as periodontal disease, gingivitis or even periodontitis caused by too much plaque and improper brushing. If you are experiencing persistent bleeding in your gums, contact us at our Etobicoke dental office at 416-651-5151.

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