Dental Implants Toronto

Dental implants are surgically placed into the skull or jawbone to support a denture or crown. Titanium is the more common material employed in making the implant and this material is significantly bio-compatible. An abutment usually comes over the jaw bone and the implant is then placed over that. We have a built-up a reputation as to the go to denture clinic Toronto for a wide range of dental implants like single tooth dental implant, full denture implants, upper denture implants, full mouth dental implants etc and we are known to provide affordable dental implant. In all instances of dental implants Toronto, our experts spend considerable time with the patient counselling and explaining to them the various aspects of the procedure involved.

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What can spoil your smile?


teeth crowding problem


teeth crowding problem

Deep Bite/Overbite

teeth crowding problem

Open Bite

teeth crowding problem

Some common problems that can spoil your smile:

Crooked, misaligned or overlapping teeth | Gaps between teeth | Worn, short or irregularly- | shaped teeth | Stained or darkened teeth | Chipped or cracked teeth

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Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant Toronto involves surgically placing the implants into the jawbone or skull to support the crown or denture. The more commonly employed material for the implant is Titanium as this material is significantly bio-compatible. Usually an abutment comes over the jaw bone and then the implant is placed over that. We are reputed as the go to dental implant services for a wide array of dental implants like full denture implants, upper denture implants, single tooth dental implant, full mouth dental implants etc and we provide affordable dental implant. Our experts spend significant amount of time with the patients counselling and explaining the various aspects of dental implant procedure.

Dental Implants Toronto

How it works?

The first step for dental implant Toronto involves a free consultation with our experts in dental implants. During this consultation a comprehensive examination is also undertaken and our expert will review your medical and dental history. She may also create impressions of your tooth, take X-rays to help create models etc.

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Easily approachable from Toronto (GTA)

We are located in close proximity to Toronto (GTA). Just 30Kms away from Toronto Dr. Savita Chaudhry’s clinic is a 30mins drive from Heart of Toronto.

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What our patients say

“I lost teeth in a car accident, and it really changed my life. I got three teeth back in place and the whole process was such a smooth transitional process. I am so glad I had them done here at Dr. Savita’s Clinic. ”

Ketty, Toronto

Dental Implant cost

In Toronto, a single dental implant cost can range between $1,700 and $5,000, Dental implant price may move up further depending on how complex the surgery is and any additional procedures required. If you are looking for affordable dental implants, our expert can work with you to ensure that dental implant cost is not a deterrent for your oral health.


Tooth Sensitivity

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How dental implant works Implant Options

The first step for dental implants Toronto is a free consultation with our experts. A comprehensive examination is done during this consultation and your dental as well as medical history is reviewed. Your dentist may also take X-rays, create impression of your tooth to help create necessary models.

All in 4 implants

This is an advanced dental implant procedure that aims basically at providing patients with a new set of teeth either in the lower or upper jaws or both jaws in a single day. This procedure is special since it provides a whole new set of teeth to patients with 4 implants per arch. The major benefit of this procedure is lesser discomfort, shorter treatment and cost-effectiveness.

Multiple dental implants

Multiple dental implants represent a standard dentistry procedure to address multiple missing teeth. Through this process artificial teeth and dental implants are used for replacing the missing teeth without impacting the nearby teeth and ensuring the most natural results.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are relatively new in dentistry and use a smaller screw that is about 3 mm diameter. Traditional implants on the other hand employ 2 piece screws with a diameter of about 3.25 to 5 mm. Mini dental implants are ideal for people who may not be good fit traditional dental implants.

Next Steps
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Your dental implant treatment begins by contacting us for a complimentary consultation so that we can learn more about your medical history and current dental condition.

dental treatment plans

As part of your consultation for Affordable dental implants in Woodbridge, we will review your submission and any photos that you include in order to recommend a custom treatment plan tailored to your needs and finances.

dental treatment plans
Once we agree on your treatment and financing plan, we will schedule your first appointment at the clinic and guide you through the rest of the process.
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Dental implant benefits

Benefits of dental implants range from improved cosmetic appearance and improving the quality of life to restoring your ability to chew. But there are more to advantages of dental implants including helping the jawbone from shrinkage caused by bone loss, preserving the health of gums and surrounding bones, apart from helping the adjacent teeth to stay stable.

When it comes to dental implants vs. Dentures, both procedures have their distinct advantages and disadvantages and therefore it is important that you discuss the options in depth with your dentist. Ultimately both procedures have the same purpose.


We strive to provide excellence through every single smile and care about the outcome of your treatment. As a Etobicoke Smile Dentist, I want you to leave not only looking great but feeling confident too.

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